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Your rental, secured!

N Fast, Fair, Digital and Transparant

We’re for transparant and digital secure renting, for all. So whether you’re an agent, a tenant or a landlord, Skip Deposit gives you peace of mind with a simple and modern way to rent your property.

The problem

For a long time, deposits were the only type of rental security that could be trusted in the Netherlands.

With only 2 months worth of protection and an average two month waiting time to release cash for end of tenancy charges, landlords were finding deposits slow, inadequate and outdated.

Deposits are expensive too. Tenants are spending an average of € 5.000 on moving costs, and most are having to pay a new deposit before they get their old one back when moving to a new property

The Skip Deposit Platform

We build a state of the art platform. We want to make renting better and fair by creating a new product an alternative for the traditional cash deposit. 


A simple, affordable alternative to the traditional security deposit, which is easy to use, delivers fair outcomes and meets the needs of landlords, tenants and agents.

Built for change

Our founders are determined to change the Netherlands lettings system. Coming from companies from the financial services  – joining forces Jeffrey Stoffels, Ross Hupkens and Ramon Schenke bringing mountains of expertise across product finance and engineering to rethink the way we all rent. Inspired by the success of deposit alternatives in Germany and Switzerland, our founders alongside the Skip Deposit team have created innovative rental solutions

Where do we live?

You’ll find Skip Deposit HQ in the nearby Rotterdam