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Looking for no deposit rentals. Skip Deposit Digital Security Guarantee

N Easy moving
N A small fee replaces your traditional security deposit
N Landlord beter protected
N Attract tenants faster

We already working with hundreds agents across the Netherlands

Our safe and secure rental deposit give you peace of mind with:

Quick Moving

Quick move-ins and lower upfront costs for tenants. Fast payouts and better protection for landlords.

Happy tenants

Instead of a traditional deposit, you’ll pay a small fee worth only one week’s rent  so that means much lower moving costs.

State of the art Platform

If there’s any damages or missing rent, they’re put back in pocket within 30 days of charges being agreed.

Our safe and secure Skip Deposit solutions give you peace of mind with:

Contents insurance is essential for renters

Contents insurance is essential for renters. The contents part of your insurance protects you against damage and theft to your items in your room or home. 

Landlord Housecontent

If you are a buy to let owner and keer your own furniture in the property you let out, you may want to cover yourself with landlord housecontent insurance from European Insurance.

Very easy and quick to complete. No hassle and quick approval! Skip Deposit is oke

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Sales Agent, Nike

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