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Information about Skip Deposit

What is Skip Deposit?

We’re for transparant and digital secure renting, for all. So whether you’re an agent, a tenant or a landlord, Skip Deposit gives you peace of mind with a simple and modern way to rent your property.

– Skip Deposit renting is faster

– More affordable for tenants

– No administration fee save money

– Safe choice 3 months protection

What are the benefits of Skip Deposit?

Looking for no deposit rentals. Tenants pay a small fee instead of one or two months deposit. As a landlord you will have a extra security of 3 months. The search for your dream home easier, faster and fairer by offering a traditional deposit alternative.

How much does Skip Deposit cost?

The tenant pays one-off closing cost off € 150

The tenant will pay yearly 5% of the covarage.

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