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A Skip Deposit Guarantee replaces the traditional security deposit

N Skip Deposit renting is faster
N More affordable for tenants
N No administration fee save money as landlord
N Safe choice 3 months protection max € 6.000,-

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We are already available through some of the leading property firms

Get your house in order with Skip Deposit

Security at speed

Fast payouts and enhanced protection for landlords.

Easy moving

Quicker move-ins with lower upfront costs for tenants.

Everything stored under one roof

All your documents can be stored together on our easy-to-use platform.

Secure rental solutions for landlords

Extra protection up to 3 months

Normally you will get one month of a cash deposit. Skip Deposit will cover up to 3 months of rent with a max of € 6.000


Fast Pay-Out

We cover costs for tenant damages and pay landlords within 30 days after accepting the damage

Flexible protection

We give a high security of payment in case of damage instead of the traditional cash deposit of a month. We give security of 3 months

Completely Transparant

Because of the condition of the property will be determined with an digital inspection. This allows us to determine wheter there is damage in the home. We use also the end inspection report


With Boost, speed and security go hand in hand


Checking in


Landlords can offer their tenants our No Deposit solution (for a faster move-in) as a secure alternative to a security deposit


They can also choose to top-up their damage protection with Boost


Once regular move-in checks have taken place:

Tenants also choosing Skip Deposit, can secure their new home with just a debit card or true iDEAL and we send a documents to all parties


Checking in


When it’s time to move out, all of the regular end of tenancy checks still take place. Tenants receive a check-out bill if there are damages or unpaid rent


If a dispute arises, it can be sorted out quickly and fairly we will decide if everything is reasonable and equitable


Once charges are established and agreed:

a. With Skip Deposit, we can cover up to 3 months worth of damages and unpaid rent, and pay landlords  within 30 days

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Fast and easy renting, secured

Your tenants can wave goodbye to costly deposits. Skip Deposit lets them secure a new home with a small fee, and if all their credit checks look good, they’ll be able to move in on the very same day. 

Fast recovery for any charges

We cover costs for tenant damages and pay landlords within 30 days in pocket the day after charges are agreed.

3 months security

We cover costs for tenant damages and pay landlords within 30 days day after charges are agreed.

Landlord FAQs

What is Skip Deposit ?

We’re for transparant and digital secure renting, for all. So whether you’re an agent, a tenant or a landlord, Skip Deposit gives you peace of mind with a simple and modern way to rent your property.

What are the benefits of Skip Deposit?

Looking for no deposit rentals. Tenants pay a small fee instead of one or two months deposit. As a landlord you will have a extra security of 3 months. The search for your dream home easier, faster and fairer by offering a traditional deposit alternative.

How much does Skip Deposit cost?

The tenant pays one-off closing cost off € 150

The tenant will pay yearly 5% of the covarage.

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