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The tenancy inventory

The tenancy inventory list is one of the most important things that a landlord or rental agent should do at the beginning of every new tenancy. And in this case, prevention is better than cure – meaning, why not have recorded proof of the existing property condition at the beginning of a tenancy so if there’s any caused damage later on it won’t just be your word against theirs. Completing a thorough inventory will therefore ensure a quick payout from your deposit alternative provider in the event of damages or rent arrears. A few simple steps for putting together a watertight tenancy inventory.

Be objective

his is the key thing to remember; do not leave anything out of the tenancy inventory no matter how small it may seem.Check window locks, skirting boards, mouldings, hinges and work surfaces. Check that all power sockets and light switches are working. Test the water flow of all taps. And don’t forget to report on the level of cleanliness.

Inspection App

Digital forms are so much smarter than paper forms have up to date forms. Make good-quality dated photograph.Easy record and report comprehensive property and lease details – key number, meter readings, smoke detection, essential services, property health and more. Share your reports anytime from your mobile device. Email directly to your clients. Skip Deposit Inspection APP  

Photograph everything

There is no stronger proof than a good-quality, dated photograph. Be sure to use an independent company so that there is no room for arguments when it comes to the legitimacy of the photography. Not only should you photograph existing damage, but also expensive fittings and furniture in good condition to allow for easy comparison before and after the tenancy.

End of tenancy

It seems simple and, really, it is. But landlords are still failing to remain vigilant and losing money that they are entitled to simply because they didn’t put sufficient checks in place. Be sure not to make the same mistake!